I grew up in Toronto, Canada and began coding around the age of 11 or 12. Well, not exactly coding as in C++, but I wrote scripts and built maps/games for Warcraft III. I really enjoyed being able to be creative and build things that I fully controlled and owned, and extremely loved having others play and enjoy what I had created. This was what made me realize that I wanted to do this for a living. From there I expanded my horizons, learning actual programming languages and creating side projects, studying Software Engineering at Waterloo and interning at five different companies and ultimately working for Meta for over 7 years. Now I'm a sole propriator, working on tools, games, and other various products.
Alacrity is a paid asset for Unity developers which enables the use of html/css/javascript via a custom build of Chromium Embedded Framework that supports high refresh rates. It makes it easy to build UIs for Unity games or projects by using familiar web technologies. Learn more.
Ring of Titans is a free multiplayer online arena game I developed independently. It is a modern take on the small-scale fast-paced arena genre. Pick a Titan and queue up to play 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3, the first team to eliminate everyone from the other team wins. No grinding, no pay to win, no RNG. Just queue and play. Learn more.
Notify is an open-source side project of mine which enables you to send push notifications to your mobile devices from a command line interface. There are a few use-cases for this kind of thing, for example notifying yourself when a long-running command is completed, or writing a script that will notify your phone about login attempts to your server. Learn more.
Omni is an open-source javascript framework for making realtime backbone apps. It will automatically sync your data models and collections with all connected clients, based on your permission model. It's actually a very similar concept to how firebase works, except you define your permission models in javascript. Learn more.
Mintr is an open-source unix server monitoring tool. It's intentionally extremely simple, a read-only interface to get a quick overview of how your server is performing. You can get a high-level overview of the processes consuming the most resources, your total CPU/memory usage, etc. Learn more.
Trade is an open-source virtual stock market app. It behaves similarly to Robinhood except you aren't using real money. Your account is seeded with $10,000.00 and you can spend it how you like on the markets, buying and selling as you see fit, to see how you might perform without having to use any actual hard-earned cash. Learn more.
PlayTube is an old project that no longer works, however at the time it was an extended feature-set for music listening on YouTube. It would open a hidden YouTube tab in your browser and navigate it automatically to play your playlists of music in the background. Learn more.
I've also got many more projects on my GitHub. Check it out here.